Christian Artists Guild is the premier platform for Kingdom-minded creatives to be equipped and inspired by great content from their fellow artists, but we need to hear from you.

That’s right, YOU!

Truth is like an uncut diamond – full of amazing potential. However, until it has been cut from many different perspectives and all the facets have been revealed, we don’t see its true brilliance. The glorious light and beauty of all that God has called artists to do in the Earth will only be revealed by what every joint supplies. That’s why we need your voice – because without you, the picture is incomplete.

Are you a writer? Do you have some revelation or experiences that would benefit the community? Have you felt the nudging of the Lord to write some of these things down, or have you already written them down and just never published them anywhere?

Christian Artists Guild is the place to release what God has given you.

We try to maintain a high level of excellence with our content. Please take the time to refer to our writing guidelines (below) and contributor agreement before submitting.


General Writing Guidelines

1. Biblically faithful
2. Equipping and inspiring
3. Diverse in application
4. Factually accurate
5. Unique and original
6. 500-1500 words

If your writing does not meet our criteria, you may be contacted about a revision or it simply may not be published.

For a much more detailed version of our writing guidelines and suggestions for taking your writing to the next level, click here.


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